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StretchCast - Commercial Rate

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When you have a streaming platform that's tailored to the needs of athletics programs, you also need a production solution that is ready for every play, turnover and instant replay. While PrestoSports has worked with a number of production solutions, we believe that the best production solution that truly met the needs of athletics programs did not exist. For this reason we are happy to introduce a truly revolutionary solution -- StretchCast.

StretchCast includes the following features and capabilities:

  • Quick & easy setup for all major sports and events
  • Integrated scoreboard functionality (manual, Sportzcast, PrestoStats, StatCrew or XML)
  • Playback live or pre-recorded segments (coach & player interviews, commercials, etc.)
  • Integrated graphics packages for a professional presentation
  • Support for multiple cameras (2 or 4 camera setup)(input methods: direct or NDI)
  • Runs on both Windows or Mac
  • Supports a variety of equipment to produce a next level game experience


  • Two Camera/Video Source Maximum
    • Capture Device or NDI capable
  • Full Motion Video Graphics
    • Pre-built templates by sport for Lower Thirds, Scoreboards & Bugs
  • El Gato Stream Deck Support - including custom layouts
  • Scoreboard Tool: Supports Sportzcast (from Scoreboard Controller), Stat XML (from PrestoStats, Genius, StatCrew or DakStats) or manual scoring
  • Commercial Break Builder
    • Setup Commercial breaks on the fly or before the broadcast begins and fire them with one click
  • Pre-recorded Content Playback
    • Add interviews, video packages and more on the fly to add a professional touch to your broadcast
  • Stream to Popular Destinations
    • Stream up to 720p60
    • Destinations: Stretch Internet, StretchLive, PrestoSports, RTMP  integrations
      • Switchboard Live, the official streaming syndication partner of PrestoSports, allows you to send to multiple destinations, including Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube, Twitch and more via RTMP. Direct integration coming soon
  • Record Locally
    • Preserve a copy of your program feed on your local machine
  • NDI Output
    • Use the NDI Output to send your program feed across campus to another facility, or pair it with an NDI enabled hardware encoder to reduce strain on the machine
  • Audio
    • Support for two audio sources that can be mixed in the application
  • Annual license
  • Windows and Mac versions

Please note: StretchCast Premium is required for streaming up to 1080p.  This version will stream in HD at 720p60, which is recommended for most fast-moving sports.