PrestoStats - Tennis [NEW]

PrestoStats - Tennis [NEW]

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Tennis Scoring Stats Entry

PrestoStats Tennis is a post-match score entry platform that creates extensive reports and is easy to use.  Easily enter data using a keyboard with defined keystrokes, mouse, or touch screen stats to enter plays and view detailed box scores and individual statistics that can be applied to other websites within the PrestoSports network.  Benefiting from the PrestoSports optimized designs and data models being applied to all of its sports offered in the PrestoStats suite, this new platform accommodates all rules and formats any Tennis league or club should need to apply.

PrestoSync (included) automatically enables you to push or pull scoreboard information directly from your venue, engaging viewers online and at the event while you stay focused on replays, sponsors, and any other task throughout the PrestoSports Super Suite.

PrestoStats Tennis is now available as an app for your phone and tablet. 

*Apps work with any iPhone, iPad, MacOS, or Apple Vision Pro with iOS 17.0+ and any Android OS 13 phone or tablet.

License expires on June 30th each year.

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